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Shanghai Advanced Optoelectronic Material Corporation (SAOM) is a professional maker on evaporation materials, sputtering targets crucible liners and other devices for electronic beam gun. SAOM has been a trusted partner to thin film industry, institutes and universities in China since it was found in 2004. We hope SAOM will be able to make a contribution to all organizations around the world.
At SAOM, we understand your first concern is to complete projects on time and within budget, which is why we offer a wide variety of products that are consistently in stock. In addition to quick stock delivery, SAOM can also manufacture evaporation materials, sputtering targets and crucible liners to meet your unique and specific requirements. Have a specific requirement on evaporation materials, sputtering targets or crucible liners, contact SAOM to see if there is a better solution for your project. SAOM stands behind every product delivered to you. If you are ever unsatisfied with SAOM’ products, contact us for full replacement or refund.


Add:No.6, Lane 24, Lixin Road (Jiajian
 Highway),Jiading ,Shanghai 201818, China
Sales Engineer: Dr. Yinchun Hou
Tel: +86-21-59513735,  59513805,
Fax: +86-21-59513745
Email: ychou@saom.com.cn


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